Booking Terms & Conditions:

The Acoustic Duo
Booking Terms & Conditions:

1. Confirmation

Confirmation will mean any verbal, written or electronic acceptance and agreement of the booking by ‘the client’. Following confirmation ‘the client’ will be issued with a booking agreement; this must be signed and returned immediately along with your deposit as shown in your entertainment quote. Upon receipt of this deposit and a signed booking form your event date will be secured for you.

The date of confirmation shall be the date as printed on your booking confirmation form. Whilst signing the contract is written confirmation of the booking, failure to sign and return the contract is not sufficient to cancel the agreement.  For details of what happens in the event of a cancellation please see below. In the event of very short notice bookings, the written contract may be sent after the event for your records.

2. Venue Suitability

Prior to date of the performance ‘the artist’ will make all reasonable enquiries into the suitability of the venue via liaison with ‘the client’. It is the responsibility of ‘the client’ to ensure that their chosen venue is suitable for ‘the artists’ performance.

a. 'The client' should make sure there is a supply of electricity within close proximity to the performance area, a minimum of 2 x standard 13 amp power sockets and that there is enough space for ‘the artist’ to perform at that venue. If the artist cannot perform on the day due to venue restrictions ‘the client’ will be responsible for the cancellation fees as defined below.

b. Where possible 'the client' should arrange with the venue, prior to 'the artists' arrival that there is a loading area available outside for a stay of approximately 20mins without penalty or restriction.

c. Where possible 'the client' should ask that the venue provide a room where 'the artist' can eat, change and prepare for the performance.

3. Artists Responsibilities:

‘The artist’ will dress tidily and suitably for their performance and guarantees that the equipment provided is in working order. ‘The artist’ agrees that upon receipt of ‘the clients’ deposit and a signed booking agreement the date of their event will be secured for their performance.

4. Cancellations:

In the event of a cancellation ‘the client’ agrees to inform ‘the artist’ immediately. Cancellations will be accepted by email to and the date of cancellation in that case will be accepted as the date & time sent by ‘the client’ as displayed within the email header. Cancellations will also be accepted in writing with proof of posting to the address contained within your booking confirmation form. The date of cancellation will determine the charges applicable as defined below.

a. Cancellation by ‘the artist’:

In the event that ‘the artist’ or one if the members are unable to perform, ‘the artist’ agrees to inform ‘the client’ as soon as possible and will make all reasonable attempts to find a suitable replacement act and/or 'dep' musician of the same high standard and style. In the unlikely event that this is not possible all payments made by ‘the client’ to ‘the artist’ shall be refunded in full.

b. Cancellation by ‘the client’:

Where ‘the client’ cancels the booking within 48 hours of confirming no fee will be payable and all payments made by ’the client’ to ‘the artist’ including the deposit shall be returned to ‘the client’ in full.

II. Unless the event is within seven working days of the confirmation date in which case the full fee will be payable to ‘the artist’.

III. Where ‘the client’ cancels the booking more than 48 hours after confirmation is made the deposit shall be deemed as non-refundable.

IV. Where ‘the client’ cancels the booking:
• More than 90 days from the performance date no fee is payable.
• Between 61 and 90 days from the performance date 50% of the full fee is payable.
• Between 31 and 60 days from the performance date 75 % of the full fee is payable.
• Up to 30 days from the performance date 100% of the full fee is payable.

V. It is an integral part of this agreement that such charges are accepted and will be paid within 14 days of our invoice date.

c. Force Majeure:

In the case of a cancellation of performance due to Force Majeure (acts of god, war, fire, death, accident, civil unrest, government intervention, changes of law) which are clearly beyond the control of either ‘the artist’ or ‘the client’ no cancellation fees will apply.

5. Changes to the Contract:

All changes to the contract must be agreed by ‘the artist’ before the performance date.

b. If ‘the artist’ through no fault of their own is not able to complete their full performance due to a change in running order or delay in the timing of the event, there will be no reduction in the fees charged.

c. Changes made by ‘the client’ to the event location after booking confirmation may result in a change in the fees charged.

d. Changes made by ‘the client’ to the performance length may result in a change in the fees charged.

6. Late and Extended Performance Fees:

If the event schedule is changed on the day and ‘the artist’ agrees to perform for longer than the ‘performance times’ contained within the booking agreement, then an additional surcharge will apply. This additional surcharge will be negotiated between ‘the artist’ and ‘the client’ on the day of the event and will be payable directly to ‘the artist' in cash.

b. If the event runs late through no fault of ‘the artist’ and ‘the artist’ is required and agrees to finish later than the finish time in the booking contract, and no additional surcharge has been agreed by ‘the artist’ on the day of the event, the following standard ‘extended performance fees’ will be charged at a rate of 10% of the total balance due per ½ hour over run, payable on the day of the event by ‘the client' to ‘the artist' in cash.

c. ‘The artist’ has the right to refuse to extend their performance times or refuse to finish later than the contracted time without penalty.

7. Payment of fees:

a. Payment of 20% deposit is strictly within 7 days of booking confirmation. You can pay your deposit by cheque sent along with your signed booking confirmation form or by direct bank transfer to ‘the artist’ or by PayPal via the website.

b. Failure to pay your deposit will result in the booking being cancelled.

c. The remaining balance is payable by cash on the date of the event direct to ‘the artist’ or by cheque or bank transfer at least 14 days before the event.

8. Artists Requirements & Ryder:

Your booking confirmation form may include a rider containing ‘the artists’ technical requirements, food, travel or accommodation needs. If applicable to your event these requirements will be contained within your initial quote and within your booking agreement for you to review and agree in advance.

b. It is a requirement of nearly all bookings that you provide refreshments to ‘the artist’ in the form of water and soft drinks for the duration of their stay at your venue. For evening entertainment and wedding bookings this includes providing a hot meal or a substantial buffet would be sufficient.

c. Any such requirements will be agreed in advance with ‘the client’ and will form an integral part of the contract.

Please feel free to call or email us for further clarification of these terms before confirming your booking.

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